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This is a place where we will collect and answer frequently asked questions.

What should I use to access the files through SFTP?

There is a lot of tools to do that. Use the one you are the most comfortable with.

On Linux Gnome, you can for example use the 'Connect to server' function of the Nautilus file management system, or use sshfs.

On Windows, there is for example the WinSCP client.

I can't edit the files in my game directory, it looks like they are readonly. What's happening?

Maybe there is a maintenance operation underway.

If you don't get access back after some time (say one or two hours), please send us a mail to check.

What is the working language on BGA studio?

Working language is English.

Variables and functions must be named with English words.

Comments must be written in English.

Game interface strings and game logs must be written in English.

How can I provide translation in my language?

The community will translate the game in all language after the game release with the collaborative translation interface can be used to translate into other languages.

Check Translations to see how to make your game translatable.

I updated the images in the 'img' folder of my game, but they don't show?

Concerning game_box.png, game_icon.png and publisher.png: You must use "Reload game box image" function from "Control Panel / Manage Games / Your game" to make your change visible.

Concerning other images: Other images used during the game are immediately available without any action. If the images still don't show after that, please try emptying your browser cache and reloading the page.

I added some game options / some game statistics / some game infos but they don't show?

When you modify one of these 3 files, you need to use the corresponding update action from "Control Panel / Manage Games / Your Game" in order we can take this information into account.

Should I use images free from copyright?

If you are developing a game in the public domain, yes (or you can make your own if you feel it's better).

If you are developing a game for which we have a licence, we will usually provide art files from the publisher.